What Can IGC Do For Your Home?

Indoor Golf Consultants is an experienced, successful team that has been in the golf, entertainment and media industries for a combined 60+ years. IGC is knowledgeable in all business and playing aspects of the golf game, including today’s state of the art golf technologies. We can work with you in making the decision and acquisition of the best products for your business or home. IGC is there to take your game to the next level.

Choosing Your Home Simulator

Simulators are a big purchase. Making the right decision of which simulator to purchase can be extremely difficult with so many different companies and products on the market.

IDC’s experienced team is here to make that process easier for you. We have the knowledge, contacts and experience. IDC will work with you in determining the best products that fit your budget, space requirements and needs. We will work with you in determining the necessary hardware, software, audio and video needs. IGC will show you how to use your simulator areas to be a multi-functional entertainment center.

We will share our learning on the proper way to execute a plan utilizing simulators for your business or home.

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Acquiring Turf For Your Home

IGC will help you maximize your turf expenditure by obtaining the highest quality products for hitting surfaces, putting strips, putting greens and lawn turf. Utilizing only the best US manufacturers, we will assist you in obtaining the best surface for your needs at the best price available. With experts on our staff, we’ve done the research, and have tested and installed the products we recommend. We are ready to show you how to maximize you turf purchase at stage one.

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Selecting Your Buildout Design Space

Your buildout design space will be determined by a few key factors. If multiple guests will be using your simulator, we recommend a bigger space to host everyone comfortably. Having the proper dimensions up front is important when planning out your new space. There are a few components that all come together to make your simulator great and each is required to flow with one another to make a great space come to life. We’ve designed countless simulators from start to finish giving us the knowledge to provide our clients with creative and innovative solutions.

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