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Indoor Golf Consultants is an experienced, successful team that has been in the golf, entertainment and media industries for a combined 60+ years. IGC is knowledgeable in all business and playing aspects of the golf game, including today’s state of the art golf technologies. We can work with you in making the decision and acquisition of the best products for your business or home. IGC is there to take your game to the next level.

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Golf Simulation Environments

The latest in technological advances has finally caught up with the world’s legacy sport. The game of golf is now accessible by all walks of life and requires less investment in both time, resources and economical outlay. Golfers of all ages and abilities can enjoy this legacy game that has stood the test of time and now evolved into the 21st century. Even for the novice or “non-golfer” these state of the art Simulators can be “boosted” for the ultimate corporate outing experience that all levels can participate confidently, or calibrated for those more mature in their practice.

For more seasoned Golfers, the virtual environment’s accuracy and cutting-edge cameras allow for real-time data capture, providing feedback on biometrics, swing path, ball flight, and curve trajectory.

Reliable ball tracking data, tested and accredited by the PGA Tour, USGA and the world’s leading golf experts.

Increasing revenues at dining establishments by providing an interactive and engaging experience to enhance revenues and elevate the user experience. Gone are the days of the pool table and dart boards, but an integrated experience, across multi-functional platforms, where young professionals and millennials can participate and socialize their recreational experience in an entirely new social setting.

Competitive Advantage

Golf has long time been recognized as a Gentleman’s game. (G.O.L.F) with today’s hyper-active lifestyle and more demands on family and couples time, the indoor golf simulation environment enables a comfortable, activity that increases the heart rate and fun in a wholesome setting while being sensitive to time constraints and eliminating the 4-5 hour round required in a course or Country Club setting.

Speaking of County Club, isn’t golf intimidating enough? Stuffy, exclusive clubs are no longer embraced by today’s diverse culture. The indoor game redacts barriers, removes boundaries and genuinely promotes the love of this great game.

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